Windows 10 can run iOS App

It is quite an exciting news that Windows 10 mobile phones can be compatible with Android App, that means Windwos 10 can run apk files. Now, we just need to wait Microsoft wakes up the Android 4.4 in the ROM. 

During the Build Conference this year, Microsoft announced its Project Islandwood.This project is to make Windows 10 OS be compatible with iOS. Now, its bridge tool is disclosed. 

Microsoft wishes developers can convert the ipk files for iOS to app files for Windows 10 OS throught this bridge tool. 

Till now, this bridge tool is just one early edition, or we can say it is one semi finished tool. Microsoft has annouced the code of the bridge tool on GitHUB, it can support converting ipk file for iOS to apx for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS with X86 or X64 processors. 

Microsoft will keep on upgrading the code to make it support ARM processors. The final edition of this iOS transplanting tool will be launched in 4th quarter 2015. In 2016, we can see a lot of smart phones and tablets with Windows 10 OS

When Android and iOS were launched, Microsoft lost its market on mobile business. If Windows 10 OS can be compatible with Android and iOS, it can help Microsoft regain the leader position in future. Last month, Windows 10 OS was launched, till now, the feedback from users are quite positive.