Types of Hardwood Floors – A Closer Look at Each Variety

When you are planning to buy oak flooring, the floor will give you many options to choose. In fact, there is a complete range of flooring types which you can choose for your house. So which kind of the floor is best for you? In the next, I will give you some quick introduction of different kinds of the floorings. Hope it can help you a lot.

Red Oak

Red Oak is one of the most popular one and may be one of the most frequently available item in any timber flooring business as well. Red oak is reddish in color however what makes it perfect is its ability and sturdiness to resist tear and wear. With swirls and far fewer burns, red oak will bring rustic appeal and a grainy texture with itself, making it the very best choice for usage in any house!


Another type offered for house floor in virtually any wooden floor shop is Beech. That one offers a very consistent grain and has a reddish brown color. It can withstand shocks extremely well however has the tendency to be less long-term than the very first 2 ranges.

White Oak.

White oak flooring is the following most popular kind of wood floor that you will discover. Its defining characteristics are grey cast and its ruggedly grainy texture. It might be offered in brown however will still keep those grayish overtones that it is well-known for. Every seller will suggest utilizing White Oak since of hardness, resilience and its strength, making it among the longest lasting wood type offered for home door.


The 4th kind of wood flooring is Birch which may be dark brown red in color or light yellow. It is a softer kind of wood however do not error it to become any less powerful. Floors made from Birch will add the look of your home and tones and beautiful color and will stick with you for a long time.