The Hidden Jewels of Indochina

India and China are economic giants in Asia but that is not the only thing that defines them. They have a rich history and culture that is equally awe-inspiring. Here are a few places in India and China that are not what the usual tourist will find but are gems.


Having some of the highest mountain ranges of the world in the north and the busiest beaches in the south, India is home to diversity in culture and landscape. Majauli in Assam is the biggest river island in the world and a UNESCO protected site. Khajjiar is another gem, supposedly the mini Switzerland of India for a romantic getaway. For a more private beach experience, head towards Mararikulam. Alleppey in Kerala is a haven of sorts with temples, boat rides and what not. The hill station Tawana is another beautiful place.


For the most tempting Indochina tour, HainmanTravel has amazing packages which can be checked out at China’s very own Venice is Suzhou which is not frequented by the tourists much because most don’t even know it exists. Then, Kaiping, Xi’an and Shangli must be visited by the history enthusiasts. Foshan is the perfect place for some cultural insight. The Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan is no less than nature’s miracle.

Go check out these lesser known marvels on your IndoChina tour and have a blast!