The Competition of Football Stadium in Europe

In Europe, having large capacity is quite important. With big football stadium, they have chance to be designed by UEFA and has a chance to host Champions League or Europa League. Football in Europe is like a tradition. Most of the city in Europe has at least one football club and it means that they will have one football stadium, in any case.Click here to see more about this.

The list of big football stadiums in Europe

Camp Nou is known as the home ground of FC Barcelona. With the capacity of the stadium is about 99.354, it makes Camp Nou becomes the biggest football stadium in Europe.

The second biggest football in Europe is located in London England. After the latest renovation, Wembley Stadium has 90,000 seats. Wembley Stadium is the home ground for England National football team. It belongs to the FA and it usually used as the place for important matches in under FA authority.

Germany has Westfalenstadion or it is known as Signal Iduna Par. This home ground of Borussia Dortmund has 81,359 seats and it makes this football stadium comes as the third biggest stadium in Europe. This stadium was used as one of the venue in 2006 FIFA world cup.

Then, we go to Paris and we get the fourth biggest football stadium in Europe. It is Stade de France with 81,338 capacity seats. This stadium is the home ground of the France national football team. Besides that, it will be used as the UEFA Euro 2016 venue.

Italy may be one of the countries in Europe which have achievements in national football level and also football clubs level. However, the football stadium in Italy is not able to compete with Camp Nou or Wembley Stadium. San Siro or Stadio Guiseppe Meazza is the biggest one in Italy and the fifth place among the biggest stadium in Europe. This is the home ground of A.C. Milan and F.C. Intenazionale Milano which has capacity about 81,277. Check on Click here to see more.