Limitless Pills And Other Nootropics Are Popular In College

Nootropics are drugs used to increase one's cognitive ability. Limitless pills increase the amount of information the brain can process by activating key receptor sites in the pre-frontal cortex. Unfortunately, very few examples of these drugs have been proven safe. A rise in use of these potentially harmful substances has been seen in college-aged individuals across the country.

In 2005, a national study was conducted among college students who agreed to report their use of Addium nootropics. A large percentage of limitless pill users were located in the North Eastern United States, especially at colleges with stringent admissions standards. This data correlates with the average wealth among individuals in this demographic. It seems that a cognitive edge has become the ultimate desire for affluent young people.

Several potential explanations for this disaprity can be imagined. Perhaps the on-going drive to innovate is pushing our students to the limits. Maybe the course load of modern education leads them to pursue a boost. Whatever the reason may be, it seems to affect higher wealth individuals. That must be some clue to its cause.

Nootropics promise effects that almost anyone would find tempting. The ability to perform at a higher cognitive level is sought after by many. However, the lack of long-term research on their effects on the body means that they could cause any number of side-effects. While their effects are unknown, Addium nootropics should not be taken by students or individuals of any age.