How To Choose Dog Food For A Puppy Or Smaller Dog

If you have a small dog or a puppy it is important to get the proper type of dog food formula, for your pets size.  For puppies or small dogs, canned dog food is an ideal choice, because it provides plenty of protein as well is easily digestible.  There are many different types of dog food, from dry to wet or canned dog food, and really it depends on the nutritional requirements of your pet, any food allergies, as well as your dogs size.  For example, you could purchase Alpo Dog Food puppy formula for your small dog, which has smaller kibble that is easily digestible for small dogs as well as puppies.  However, an even better choice would be going with a canned dog food, that will cost slightly more, but have more protein and natural meat in the canned dog food formula. 

As your dog ages, you may consider switching it to dry dog food, since it can be slightly more affordable, and easier to store.  For instance, Artemis Dog Food manufactures several sizes of dog food, from 10 pound bags all the way up to 30 pound bags.  Now if you have a small breed of dog, you can purchase a 10 pound bag of dog food, which will last you several weeks, and not take up a lot of space in your pantry.  When you compare buying two weeks or a month of caned dog food and carrying it home from the pet store and then storing it, dry dog food can make a lot of sense.  Though, for puppies as well as smaller breeds of dogs, canned dog food is not only an affordable choice, but in most cases has a higher protein concentration when compared to dry dog food. Additionally, when given a choice, most dogs will prefer eating canned dog food.