Great Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder a.k.a. social phobia is a mental disorder with the sign of intense and extreme fear for social situations. For a person with this phobia, the fear of being judged by society will disrupt his/her daily activities. An anxious person will tend to have negative thoughts about any social activities that make him/her so frighten to death. So how do you overcome social anxiety disorder? There will be various ways to answer this question. For people with a social phobia, it couldn’t be easier for them to overcome this, but I strongly recommend you to try some great tips on how to overcome social anxiety disorder below.

Be yourself

Keep being yourself may be the answer on how to overcome social anxiety disorder. Knowing more about who you really are will gradually boost your confidence. One of the social anxiety causes is lack of personality. This means that you only think about your disabilities and compare yourself with others. To overcome your social anxiety, you need to start to become yourself. Be proud and be thankful about your strength and also your weakness.

Do right breathing

Some researchers have shown that a right breathing technique can lead to relaxing mind. It’s really useful for you to take a deep breath every time you face the social conditions that really frighten you. This is one of the simplest ways to overcome your social phobia

Know what your fears are

Making a list about the things that you fear can be useful to solve your social phobia. You can start writing down any social situations that make you so uncomfortable. Then you have to rate those conditions from the most frightening to the least one. You can do some discovery about the causes and effects of those activities to yourself. You can try to talk with your friend and family to solve your problem. You can visit the expert to communicate your kind of fear list too. By knowing this, you can surely overcome your social anxiety disorder.