E-currency Exchange for great income sources

Through this article you will get to know the 4 sources of income we can take advantage of by just taking part in the e-currency exchange trading system. Here only DXinOne is taken into consideration as it is the topmost e-currency exchange program. DXinOne makes money through the fees charged to account the transactions.

So here are some important sources through which you can make money.

The first source of income is the Portfolio. For that you need to open an account and build a portfolio. You can create this account free of cost. Deposit around 25$ and build your portfolio. As you headway you will be able to increase the value of your portfolio. The average daily profit that you earn is from 15% to 35% and it depends upon the demand and supply in the system.

The second source of income in the e-currency exchange program is to become qualified as a merchant. That does not mean you are selling anything, it only means that the merchant exists to convert from one e-currency to hard cash. To qualify as a merchant you need to have a portfolio of $5000 and had a DXinOne for 90 days.

The third source of income is P4 program (Pre-Paid Profit Program). This program helps the non-merchants to earn the profit up to 5-7% of daily transactions.  

The fourth is for webmasters. In this program you receive pay per click from the ads posted on your website.