DoTerra – An Essential Oil

An essential oil is defined as organic oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odor of a specific plant or other sources from which it is extracted. These oils are organic aromatic compounds that are generally found in flowers, stems, roots, bark, seeds and various other plant parts. The aromatic abilities of these essential oils can be recognizable from the fragrance of lavender, rose, fresh cut mint and many more.

The essential oils play an important function in plant pollination. The essential oils provide plants with their unique fragrances which also protect them from various diseases and predators. These natural oils are non-water based phytochemicals generated from volatile natural compounds. These oils are fat solvable but do not contain fatty lipids or fatty acids that are usually located in several vegetable and animal oils.

DoTerra is also an essential oil that boasts of having Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that signifies the purest, safest and most useful essential oils that are found these days. DoTerra are slowly and skillfully distilled from herbs that are cautiously harvested at the right time by specialists all over the world. The harvest becomes highly efficient and consistent. Qualified and skilled essential oil growers recognize the high standard of DoTerra and thus make sure that it is naturally safe to use.